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Life Vol.1, No.6 – Dad has Cancer

End of Life No. 6 – The PMP Awareness Organization says, “Appendix Cancer (Appendiceal Carcinoma), PMP – Pseudomyxoma Peritonei, and other Peritoneal Surface Malignancies are very rare and are all too often misdiagnosed, mistreated and poorly managed – (their) aim is to change that.” I wish them a lot of luck. Meanwhile, the sense of hope their web site exudes has bypassed one of the trailers in Hemet, CA. Continue reading

Life Vol.1, No.7 – Ativan (Lorazepam) and disoriented death

End of Life No. 7 – I put off adding to the ‘End of Life Issues’ series in ‘Write to the Bone’ when my father passed away – April 23, 2011. As anyone who looses a parent, I’ve had thoughts about that process. I’ll get to them all in time, but for the sake of family and friends, and to allow proper reflection, I wait.

That said, some of my readers may benefit from hearing about a common experience in intensive care units where the elderly have just undergone extensive surgery. In the words of one nurse “we get this all the time”. Continue reading