Drones – soon the most terrifying weapons on the planet

The increasing use of drones by our military has triggered proliferation. Today 76 countries (probably more) use drones. Our police departments are clamoring for this new technology. Meanwhile, we don’t have the technical infrastructure to turn out these devices in quantity ourselves. How short-sighted are we?

Use militarized drones indiscriminately in theaters around the globe and one day soon enough, the media will be shocked to report on unidentified drones in the skies over the US. If it wanted to do so, China could turn out millions of drones in

Like every other military toy that is developed in secret, we won’t know about or have the ability to stop these latest advances until it’s too late. But awareness is the first step:

Counting deaths from Drone Strikes: http://bit.ly/QC0zdg

MQ-1 Predator: http://bit.ly/9btvui

Insect drones:  http://bit.ly/L19H6B

Drone death body counts. Are they accurate? http://bit.ly/SsODci

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