Category: Calming Reflection

So Long Michael and Night Song

I think you will not stop, Michael, as I did long ago. How foolish not to play the notes, to touch the frets, to feel the light beneath each string, beneath the stars while hidden in my room, on stage, forever hidden here amid it all; the sounds of here and goodbye, the blue of never ending rain, the gray of cities and places and people gone behind.

A tribute to Michael Dawes, Pierre Bensusan, and the endless line of musicians who remind us, generation upon generation, to hear more, to listen deeply, and care about each moment.

And Martin Taylor, recommended by brother Peter

So much more: Django Reinhardt – Tears

And again from Peter: Trevor Gordon Hall – Bach to the Future (Guitar Duet)

Fall Down Eight Times, Get up Nine

I’ve written that discipline is about having a vision and letting go of most everything else. The Japanese saying, fall down eight times and get up nine, adds meaning to that thread. How often do we personally and professionally find ourselves iterating endlessly on some idea, trying again and again to make something work? If you’re like me it is a constant factor in your life. Continue reading